Website Hosting

Website hosting providers are ten-a-penny, so what makes us different?

It’s pretty simple; we don’t just sell you a package and leave you to get on with it. We’ll buy the domain-name on your behalf, at cost and register it in your name, so you retain control. We’ll configure the website and setup essential plugins to get you started and have a secure system from day one.

You’ll also get the following features, free-of-charge:

  • SSL Certificates

    We provide domain verification SSL certificates for all our sites, which gives you the security of an encrypted connection

  • Analytics

    You get access to theSEMco internal analytics package, similar to Google Analytics.

  • Unlimited Storage

    You don’t need to worry about using too much space, you can use as much storage as you need for your media files, etc. There’s a ‘fair-usage’ policy for this; but we’ll let you know if there’s a problem.

So, what do you get from our website hosting?


We configure WordPress securely, adding plug-ins your site that will simplify management and security. You have access to your site to make the changes you want.

Fully Secure

We provide SSL certificates with all our hosted web sites to provide a secure experience for your visitors – better for SEO and essential for forms and e-commerce.

Cloud Based

Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure global cloud infrastructure providing world-class infrastructure.

Built in Analytics

We have multiple options for analytics packages included, both external (e.g. Google/ Bing) and internal provision.

Site Migration

We’ll offer advice with moving over any existing site and if you decide to leave us then we’ll provide you with a full copy of your site and database so that you can easily migrate.

Unlimited Storage

Many providers limit the size of your site or the size of the database behind it. We don’t sell fixed sized packages- you can use what you need (within reason!).

Fully Managed DNS

Domain and DNS records manged by us to ensure consistency and maximum service provision.


We backup your site daily with 30 rolling days of history, so a little extra peace-of-mind if something goes wrong, or your decide to revert a change.

Domain Purchasing

We can manage your existing domain, or purchase a new domain for you at cost. Either way we’ll handle the technical details for you.


The website hosting package costs £10pcm


Multiple domains pointing to the same physical instance are included.
If you pay for 11 months, we will give you a free month, so a year’s hosting will cost £110, instead of £120, bringing the price to £9.17 pcm.