Pipedrive consultation and help

Pipedrive is a powerful yet intuitive and easy to use CRM platform that is used by over 75,000 businesses and we LOVE it!

If you’ve chosen Pipedrive for your team and want help with setting it up to fit with your sales process or you’d like training for you or your team then you’ve come to the right place.

Our experience
We’ve been using Pipedrive since 2012 (it was founded in 2010) and this was after much research and hunting around. It was quickly found to be the most versatile and powerful.

Reports can be set up in minutes to give you the number of calls, in bound or outbound emails on a per team or sales person basis and between any date range.

Pipeline Stages 
Sales pipeline stages can be set up according to the business that you are in and the prospects flow through the sales process. You can also have a separate pipeline for inbound and outbound leads. This is one of the first thing that most companies miss.

Emails can be sent straight from the system with templates and auto filled fields which means no flicking between outlook and Pipedrive.

The App
There is even an app available on iOS and Android and it’s exceptional. All the day-to-day use of Pipedrive can be handled straight from the app if your sales team are out in the field.

In essence, a well setup Pipedrive will save your team time which means more contact with more prospects and that means more sales.

If you would like to get help from a UK based Pipedrive Accredited Expert then call us today on 07590 841 498

Here’s what we can help with

Set up


Data Import & Migration