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The Search Engine Marketing Company

We are a team of two (Jeremy and James) and we help small to medium sized business owners accelerate the growth of their companies

We Make your Business Look Great With…

Web Design

These days, your website is your shop front and it’s the first impression that the majority of your customers will have for your business. It shows your level of professionalism, your attention to detail and your personality.

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Then get it found with…

Google AdWords

Once you’ve got a great site, you want people to find it and Google AdWords is a great tool for achieving this. We work on fixed fees to manage your campaigns and we aim to make them as efficient as possible and we track EVERYTHING!

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Banner Advertising

Having been to your website once, the likelihood is that your customers are thinking about who they are going to give their money to. So, why not remind them about your business around the web?

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Then manage your sales process with…

Pipedrive CRM

We’re a Pipedrive Partner and have over 7 years experiance with this incredible CRM. Whether you need help with its set up, teaching for your staff, integration, data migration or just telephone help, we’ve got you covered.

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We also offer…

Website Hosting

A personal webhosting service where you dont need any technical knowledge. just leave it to us and we will look after your DNS, linking your domain names to the servers, SSL certificates etc.

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Email Hosting

Providing you with a profesional domain name linked email address with cutting edge security, unlimited storage and it’s all kept in the cloud.

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What is SEM and why is it important for your business?

SEM (or Search Engine Marketing) is the process of getting your website found by people who are looking for the products and services that you provide. For a very clear overview, please watch the video below from Google: