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An example of our SEO work

Back in June we started theSEMco and we took on our first client: BoBs Leaflet Distribution.

At the time, you could type his full business name into Google and his website was invisible, no results at all, hence, anything we did was going to be an improvement. This gave us a perfect start- a greenfield site allowing us to take the best route forward without needing to worry about any impact on existing rankings or search terms.

We had the site ready for the client to review after a couple of weeks. Then, after a little toing-and-froing over the details and checking over the content, we launched the website in August. With a quick turn-around and a happy client we published the site, which looks great and is technically set up to succeed in terms of on-site optimisation.

From there we moved to stage two- all of the off-site work to complement the new website and help it rise through the rankings.

By September, just one month after going live, BoBs Leaflet Distribution was appearing anywhere between page one and page three for his key search terms. Within a couple of weeks from go-live, he was now top of the search results for his own company name at last! (Remember it can take a little time for Google to update its page rankings and search results.)

Well, since then, we’ve been monitoring and making improvements over the months and Google has now maintained the site to being half way up page one for an entire month. This is a great achievement for such a short time span and it’s generated enough business to pay for the build already, however, this is just the beginning. Our client has seen the value of a well-designed website with a good search ranking and is looking to see how to move this forward and develop his online presence and business further. With an ongoing contract, we will continue working to maintain and improve this in the coming months and years.

Of course, if you run a business in Bristol then we would highly recommend BoBs Leaflet Distribution for your leaflet delivery- get in touch with Lee if you’d like to discuss what he can do for you!